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🌟 Kilian, welcome to our team! 🌟


Traineeship started!

On September 1st, our team received a great new addition – Kilian! We would like to tell you more about him and his goals, which he has shared with us.

Kilian is determined, self-confident and extremely helpful. These qualities make him a valuable team member, and we look forward to working with him.

His heart beats for sports, especially football. He is a team-oriented person who appreciates working in a group and helping out when there are difficulties. Kilian takes special pleasure in seeing people happy.

His big dream is to be financially independent and one day own a beach house. But his pursuit of success is not limited to material goals. Kilian also wants to develop as a person and be a role model for others.

People appreciated Kilian's candour, honesty and positivity. He brings a refreshing attitude to our team.

Kilian doesn't likebad weather, delays and negative people. He's adventurous and would like to try skydiving. In addition, he has a desire to learn another languages such as French.

We look forward to supporting Kilian in achieving his goals and are excited about the time together that lies ahead. Kilian, we are thrilled to have you on our team!

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