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Stripping with cutting-edge technology: ILC Bench Top is unique in the market

ILC Benchtop von Laselec


The fastest and most effective way to process wires and cables for demanding applications. The new ILC Bench Top family from LaseLec..

At a glance:

  • The rotary laser design ensures first-class stripping quality by perfectly controlling the stripping process, and without the risk of damaging the conductor or shielding.
  • Three models to choose from, covering a wide range of applications (ILC-30/20 BTS, ILC-20/8 BTS, ILC-20/8 BT).
  • The top model (ILC-30/20 BTS) strips single-core cables, complex cables, shielded cables, coaxial cables, BUS cables and high-voltage cables with an outer diameter of up to 20 mm and performs circular cuts as well as straight and spiral cuts.
  • With Laselec's specially developed EasyCutting Config software, users can create cutting programs and load them into the device via the built-in interface (e.g. with a USB stick).

When it comes to stripping cables, laser solutions are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a fast, effective and safe alternative to scalpels and blades, with consistent results.

As such, the new family of high-performance laser strippers comes at just the right time, as companies in a wide range of industries, from automotive to data communications to aerospace and beyond, are looking for suitable ways to modernize and optimize their production.

A proven machine as a strong foundation

Laselec's Sylade 7 range of laser strippers has already proven itself over many years, particularly in stripping the outer jacket of shielded cables, in demanding aerospace applications. Now, the Toulouse-based company has launched a new range of high-precision laser strippers for critical applications involving complex and non-circular cables and wires, thus completing its portfolio or extending it to other application areas.

First-class stripping quality

Thanks to the rotary laser, the IL Bench Top family offers a high-precision cut on a very wide range of cable insulation without the risk of damaging the shield or the conductor. This ensures maximum accuracy, as well as a reliable, high-quality result. Operation of the ILC Bench Top units is safe and easy: simply select the stripping program manually or scan a barcode and insert a cable. The stripping process starts automatically.

Productivity-enhancing features

Each model in the ILC Bench Top range can perform multiple cable cross-sections. The advanced new stripping machines, which follow pre-programmed "recipes" and do not require cable holders, make cable changes quick and easy. The powerful, high-stability infrared laser source easily handles most insulation materials, including dielectric coaxial cable or multi-layer composite outer jackets used in the aerospace, automotive, industrial and telecommunications industries. With the longitudinal cutting function (straight or diagonal) included in BTS models, you don't have to think twice when removing insulation from even the most difficult wires and cables. Even window cuts are possible.

Finally, here are a few more strengths of the ILC Bench Top family in a nutshell:

  • 100% repeatable quality, operator-independent process.
  • Suitable for wires/cables that are not perfectly round (e.g. aerospace coaxial cables)
  • Wide range of wire outer diameters, great versatility without compromising cut quality
  • Piercing and stripping device (trigger sensor) - quick and easy
  • No manual adjustment required, super-fast wire changeover
  • Short cable entry length, ergonomic design
  • Maintenance limited to cleaning operations

Do you have any questions about the ILC stripping machine? Feel free to contact us at sales@mcd-tools.de or at +49 6171 2779191

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Your MCD-Tools Team

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