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MCD-Tools Repair & Calibration

DMC Präzisionswerkzeug


The quieter season offers a great opportunity to have your tools checked. Have your tools checked by MCD-Tools now and reap the benefits.

Maintenance of the guarantee or warranty 

Only tools that have not been opened by third parties are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Personnel trained by the manufacturer

Only employees of officially authorized workshops are trained by the manufacturer.

More service for your money

We do not only check the tolerances by means of Go/NoGo Gage. We also check the correct function of the installed ratchet, the crimp symmetry and replace defective parts with original spare parts.


A certificate of calibration according to the manufacturer's specifications is already included in the price. If you need a certificate with values, we can also provide this for an additional charge.

The quality of your tools is crucial for the quality of your work. Do not compromise on this and let us check your tools now.


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