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Product launch: LaceLok® replaces your cable ties and laces

LaceLok DMC


The highly effective new system called LaceLok® is the enemy of every old-fashioned cable tie or lacing strap and will from now on assist you in bundling cables of any kind as well as in lashing small components.

What is LaceLok®?

With the LaceLok® system, the quality brand DMC now brings another top product to the market, which is aimed specifically at electricians, craftsmen and hobbyists. The LaceLok® system replaces your conventional cable ties with a new, more flexible and ergonomic system. To do this, the user wraps the LaceLok® system around a bundle of cables, then ties and secures the individual cables into a harness and cuts off the excess tape. LaceLok® delivers consistently high-quality results!

How exactly does DMC's LaceLok® system work?

Strictly speaking, the practical LaceLok® system consists of two elements: The patented Nomex®-lacing tape and the innovative Lacelok®installation tool. The Nomex® lacing tape is made of aramid fiber thread and features a strong fastening head at its end, which can be used to attach the lace to any object. Due to the mechanical lashing and thermal bonding, Nomex® laces bonded with LaceLok® can easily withstand temperatures from minus 65 to 260 degrees Celsius . Even chemicals such as hydraulic fluid, kerosene, lubricating oil and isopropyl alcohol cannot harm the lacing tape later on.

To attach the high-quality Nomex® lacing tape, these are first inserted into the head of the LaceLok® installation tool, then firmly tensioned by the tool and then mechanically pressed. In the following video from the manufacturer, you can take another close look at how it works.

For which applications is the new LaceLok® tool suitable?

LaceLok® is used wherever precision and speed are required. This makes LaceLok® ideal for bundling cables and fastening cable harnesses of all kinds. Whether for private or commercial use - LaceLok® is a high-quality tool with which you can significantly increase your working speed while maintaining a consistently high level of quality!

Other areas of application for LaceLok® can also be found wherever components and various small parts need to be connected securely and firmly. These can also be pipes, cables or engine components, for example. LaceLok® is a cable bundling system that can be used almost universally!

LaceLok® thus offers both private and commercial users a wealth of possible applications. Since the system is uncomplicated and can be learned quickly, LaceLok® is an ideal companion for your individual handicraft projects, or screwdriver ambitions and for industrial needs!

LaceLok Schnurband Kabelbinder

What are the advantages of using LaceLok®?

For over 50 years, hand-tied laces or plastic cable ties have been the only options for adjusting, connecting or securing cables, wires, pipes as well as various components. The assembly of the ties and cords is primarily done manually, which unfortunately poses considerable ergonomic as well as safety and consistency risks in many places.

On the other hand, the use of a dedicated tool such as the LaceLok installation tool with patented Nomex® lacing tape offers a large number of unbeatable advantages, all of which we would like to list here:

  • Perfect ergonomics and fatigue-free work
  • Higher quality standard due to more robustness and resistance
  • No damage to neighboring cables
  • Temperature insensitive (-65 to +260 degrees Celsius)
  • Simple and easy to learn operation
  • More consistency due to uniform tension of the Nomex® lacing tape
  • High durability
  • 40% lighter than cable ties
  • Increased occupational safety
  • Fewer employee absences due to injuries

Step-by-step instructions for the use of LaceLok®.

To also give you an insight into the extremely uncomplicated use of the popular LaceLok® system, we would like to show you another clear step-by-step guide below:

  1. Select the desired length of the LaceLok®. The length depends on the circumference of the cables or the object.
  2. Wrap LaceLok® anywhere around the item to be fastened. Use multiple wraps if increased bundle strength is required.
  3. Pass the end of the LaceLok® strap through the head of the fastener and then back through the opening over the locking pin again.
  4. Now insert the end of the LaceLok® tape into the spindle of the Lacelok® system.
  5. Position the nose of the tool on the head of the lace and pull the trigger of the LaceLok® installation tool. This will automatically tighten the LaceLok® strap and cut off the excess lace.

Here you can see the instructions as a video:

Where can you buy the LaceLok® system?

LaceLok® now gives you a consistent hold and superior way of working, allowing you to fasten and adjust cables, wires or other components much faster and with higher quality, whether for private or commercial use.

Thanks to the increased tensile strength, LaceLok® can thus also be used to fasten and bundle vulnerable fiber optic or coaxial cables.

The innovative LaceLok® system with the patented Nomex® lacing tape can of course also be found in our MCD-Tools Onlineshop

Here you can go directly to the desired products:

LaceLok® Installation Tool: DLT-1100

Nomex® lacing tape:
LF2-10NA1 – LaceLok® NA1 (White) 10 Zoll
LF2-18NA1 – LaceLok® NA1 (White) 18 Zoll

Complete toolbox (without lace): DMC2300 - LaceLok® Tool without CLF For further questions about the mentioned products or other items from the MCD-Tools Shop, please use our contact form. Our experienced and competent team is always at your disposal.

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